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Published: 19 February 2016

NUCare provides Christ-centered, high quality, professional, compassionate healthcare to Northrise University students, employees and registered dependents.  In 2015, NUCare provided care for over 700 individuals seeking medical attention and counseling. NUCare attends to minor to moderate illnesses while severe cases are referred to the next level of care for further diagnosis and treatment.  Out of the 700+ patients visiting the clinic 217 were seen by the visiting doctor and 18 were referred to the Central Hospital.  Below is the NUCare’s Top 10 for 2015.

The Top Ten Treatments for 2015


NuCare provides wholistic care addressing physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the students and staff.   Nearly 10% of visits in 2015 were for counseling. NUCare also develops plans and monitors students with chronic illnesses such as asthma and hypertension to make sure they are given the best care possible during their time at Northrise.  Managing Nurse, Mary Sichula makes rounds each morning to the dormitories to check on the students before the school day begins. From administering medical procedures to supplying malaria medication to providing critical health education, the NUCare staff maintains a steadfast commitment to increasing the health and well-being of the Northrise community.  The students and staff of Northrise want to thank those who have faithfully invested time, talent and treasure to make NUCare a reality.



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