One Graduate One Student

For only $2400 per year, a student can receive a full scholarship for a year at Northrise University. Graduates from our scholarship fund go on to financial security and a place of influence in Zambia, impacting many more people than simply themselves.

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Donate a scholarship gift in honor of the class of 2020 and the NUI Board of Trustees will match your gift.

When you give, you'll have the opportunity to share a message of hope with the class of 2020 and we will share those messages with the graduates in their virtual celebration.

In honor of the 41 graduates receiving their Bachelor's degrees, the goal is to raise 41 ONE STUDENT Scholarship Program Full Tuition Scholarships, $2,400 each. That is, $49,200 from your gifts to be doubled with the BOT match for a total gift of $98,400.

While we're aiming for 41 scholarships to reflect the number of bachelor's degrees since only undergraduate students can apply for a ONE STUDENT Scholarship, we will celebrate all 48 graduates and will share your Be the inspiration - One Graduate for ONE STUDENT!