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Published: 2 April 2011



Northrise University launched the first one-on-one speaker series this year on the 25th of February. The sole purpose of the program is to provide encouragement and motivation to all students. The first speaker was Pastor George Chanda from Bread of Life Church, Ndola, a farmer by birth, teacher by profession, and pastor by calling. Pastor Chanda interestingly shared on the need for having a mentor and gave a few pointers on how to actually find one.

For March, Mr. Phesto Musonda, a CEO and Chairman of Sub-Saharan Gemstone Exchange and Phoenix Materials Limited, graced the University students with his presence. He did not hesitate to share his knowledge and wide experience on business. Mr. Musonda mentioned that planning is at the core of business. Furthermore, the five factors that complement business are character, climate, structure, leadership, and information. Alongside these factors, it is vital to take note of competitors and the weaknesses they possess while keeping in mind the need for innovation—a big plus in today’s business market. Tulemye Mpengula, a 3rd year BIT student confidently said, “Listening to Mr. Musonda has not only helped me learn what it takes to be in business but also what holds its helm.”  One profound statement that is still vivid is, “In business, without planning you cannot succeed.”

by Chibozu Mambo


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