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Published: 4 February 2020

Last week, Northrise University ushered in a new group of freshmen. Orientation week was as busy as always with a number of exciting activities lined up for the new students. We asked them about their orientation experience and this is what they had to say:

“Orientation was awesome I met new people from different backgrounds and different industries and I got familiarised with the school campus. It was tiresome but I learned a lot of things that will help me succeed during this journey that I have begun. The lecturers are very welcoming and they provided necessary information that I believe will be helpful during this journey. I look forward to seeing and learning more during my journey.” – Kelvin Chinayi –


“When I reached the University the first day, I was very excited and very happy to see how organized and clean this University is. Knowing that I am part of this Christian family is amazing. Orientation week has been long because of the amount of information I had to take in but, it’s been great. Dr. Zimba’s speech continues to echo in my mind and I continue to realize that with God on your side, a strong belief in yourself, and hard work, everything in life is possible. I feel ready to start this journey with NU because I am well prepared for it. Thanks to all members of the NU community for maintaining its high standard.” – Erick Mazanga –


“Orientation has been quite good. I’m personally impressed by how well this school is running and I feel that I’m good to go because I have every tool I need to start learning.” – Bupe Mwamba –


“Orientation week has been great!!! I can’t wait to start class.” – Astridah Mbiiza –


“Orientation has been exciting. It would not be enough to describe my experience in words. From my experience, it was educative and it has given me an insight into the Northrise environment because everything here truly emphasizes the Christ-Centred nature of the University. I can see through Orientation week that this University is excellent.” –Charles Musanshi –


“Orientation has been good. I learned a lot about the University even though I didn’t grasp everything am sure will understand on my own as I continue to interact with the systems especially.” – Wana Mumba –


“Orientation was fun, educational, exciting, even though the introduction to APA was confusing but despite that, it was a memorable experience” – Daniel Sakala –


“Well, my Orientation experience has been good, learning a lot and getting used to the Northrise university atmosphere. I’m slowly beginning to feel comfortable and liking Northrise University”. – Mondo Banda –


“The Northrise university orientation, for me has been more than I expected. I have learned about the school, A.P.A and thus the experience has been great.” – Wana Soza –


“My 2020 S1 Freshman Orientation Experience was very exciting and awesome. My excitement has been building for weeks leading up to my trip to Ndola: I couldn’t wait to register for my courses, finally meet my course mates, make new friends and see the campus! During Orientation, I learned some important lessons about University life. First, I https://northrise.edu.zm/wp-admin/post.php?post=4577&action=edit#learned that at Orientation, everyone is desperate to make friends. With a smile on my face and a confident attitude, I was able to meet tones of people and have a great time. I also learned that it’s easy to find a connection with someone, even if you grew up in a vastly different neighborhood with an entirely different childhood. Finally, I realized that at Orientation, everybody is nervous. Coming to this realization was a relief for me and it allowed me to calm down and enjoy the Orientation experience.” – Nunes Chingeleshi –


“My orientation experience has been very helpful and I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to continuing my studies with Northrise University. My orientation experience at Northrise University has clearly shown me that I’ll surely GO FAR.” – Alfred Musonda –


“My Orientation was gratifying and tiresome. It was gratifying in the sense that lessons and directives we took from the beginning are so paramount to our academic journey. The environment and the staff at the campus are so welcoming and they made my orientation sessions enjoyable. It was tiresome in the sense that I learned a little too much in a short period of time. I must confess that my brain was overloaded but it was worth it. I must say that am well equipped for the journey and I am ready to go far.” – Tyson Sibajene –


“My orientation experience was awesome. It was interesting to learn how far the University has come and where it is intended to be. Especially beneficial was the introduction to the applications I will use in the submission of assignments and the APA format.  It would be helpful to have the lecturers give an introduction to a particular course during the orientation week so that they give the student a feel of what a particular course is about. I look forward to more interactions with the lecturers. I strongly recommend a more interactive and longer orientation.” – Leah Chuma Mvula –



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