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Published: 23 March 2018


Niza is a first year student studying law at Northrise University. She first developed an interest in Northrise after her friend, a current student, spoke highly of her experience at Northrise. Enrolled at University of Zambia (UNZA) at the time, Niza had experienced a number of school closures. She convinced her mother to join her on a tour of Northrise University. While visiting Northrise, Niza and her mother were impressed by the infrastructure, courses offered, and learning environment. After their visit, Niza made the decision to switch from UNZA to Northrise University and is one of the students currently living in the Northrise Dormitory.

Living in the dorms has been an interesting experience for her stating, “I have made friends that have made staying at the dormitory worthwhile.” She admits to missing home sometimes saying, “Living with a group of girls from different backgrounds can be difficult. Everyone has a strong opinion on how certain things need to be done and this sometimes brings conflict. Though, the good part is, conflicts around here get resolved quickly in a respectful manner. We remain friends at the end of the day.” She particularly likes that everyone makes an effort to get along and respect each other despite having different backgrounds.

Her favorite aspect of dorm life is Bible Study. She finds it enlightening explaining, “We’ve been looking at obedience to God and how to interpret the Bible.” She also enjoys the on-campus events. Niza loved the Valentine’s masquerade and dessert event organized by the Student Council.

With a degree from Northrise she will go far. Niza looks forward to an amazing and successful journey at Northrise. She plans to graduate and practice law.


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