Published: 20 September 2023

Project Name: The Aikins Family Engineering Classroom Block
Project Start Date: March 14, 2023
Project Completion Date: December 19, 2023
Contractor: Velos Enterprise Limited
Project Manager: Kiran Musonda Associates

Project Overview:
The construction project for the Engineering classroom block commenced on March 14, 2023, and is scheduled to be completed on December 19, 2023. Velos Enterprise Limited is the appointed contractor, while Kiran Musonda Associates is serving as the project manager. The project involves various aspects such as building works, external works, electrical installations, the installation of a gas fire suppression system, air conditioning and ventilation services, telecommunication and security installations, as well as plumbing installations.

Current Progress (Second Update):
Since the last progress report, substantial progress has been made in various aspects of the project:

1. Substructure Completion: Most of the substructure work is now complete, providing a solid foundation for the building.

2. Superstructure Block Work: The superstructure block work is almost entirely complete in all three sections of the building, demonstrating significant advancement.

3. Section 1 (Laboratory Area): This section has reached the ring beam level, with all steel reinforcement installed and awaiting the casting of concrete.

4. Section 2 (Classrooms/Offices): Lintels have been successfully cast, and the steel reinforcement for the ring beam is currently being installed.

5. Section 3 (Lobby): The concrete slab has been cast, and block work has commenced, further enhancing the progress in this area.

6. Electrical Works: The electrical sub-contractor continues to be on-site, actively installing conduits for electricity, data, and telecoms.

7. Road Works: Road works have advanced significantly, with the sub-base formed and stabilized, awaiting concrete casting for the rigid pavement.

8. External Works: External works, including leveling, are in progress, contributing to the overall project’s development.

9. Backup Generator: We are pleased to report that the backup generator has been successfully procured and delivered on-site.

Schedule and Target Date:
The contractor’s confidence in completing the project by December 19, 2023, remains strong. This month is pivotal to meeting this target.

Challenges and Mitigation:
While no significant challenges have been reported, our project team remains proactive and prepared to address any potential issues. Regular coordination meetings and safety protocols continue to be implemented to ensure a smooth construction process.

The “Aikins Family Engineering Classroom Block” project has shown remarkable progress since the last update, with substantial developments in substructure, superstructure, and various other aspects. We remain on track to achieve the target completion date of December 19, 2023. We appreciate the continued support and collaboration of all project stakeholders.



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