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Published: 11 March 2011


You know how you wake up sometimes and just feel like hope is lost, you think school or work is unbearable and you grumble to yourself!  Well, life could be worse, because while you are complaining that school is tough or work is overwhelming, there is somebody out there who would love to be you. They try anything to have an opportunity to get an education or find a job, but they don’t! Simply because they cannot afford to or there aren’t enough jobs to go round.

If you asked those that are motivated, determined and courageous, they would tell you, it’s all about putting your best foot forward. Really, it’s what we make out of life that matters and not as much what life brings our way.  Therefore be thankful for the gift of life, education, talents and a chance to make a difference one step at a time.


by Kalelwa Chilombo


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