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Published: 5 November 2009



As the saying goes, all work and no play makes John a dull boy.

NU students are striking a fine balance between work and recreation. On an ordinary weekday, one would see students busy moving from one class to another, discussing group topics, and some, buried under a gigantic pile of books. An independent observer would think these students “do not have a life”. But when assignments and enough studies have been done, students take time to engage in recreational activities which not only make them relax but also significantly impact their mental and physical health positively, qualities that are desirable to have as students.

Some of the recreational activities you’ll see students engaged in include: Chess, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and singing, which currently have the largest following. The students have learnt a vital lesson; performing well in class does not call for one to be a bookworm but requires having an effective balance amongst the different factors that affect their health and mental soundness. We are not all about theories and intricate philosophies but theories and philosophies plus a whole lot of healthy fun!!

by Godfrey Mpala


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