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Published: 5 August 2009



A sports club has recently been re-introduced to the Northrise university package, comprising of four sports, namely Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and believe it or not chess.

This club has a committee and the administrative representatives are Mr. Isaac Banda who stands as the leader, Mr. Rex Mpala in charge of the basketball team, Mr. Suganani Kaira head of Soccer and a student representative for all the sports, Edward Banda.

The Northrise sports club is mainly interested in the students well being and health. “Physical fitness is a very important factor in one’s studies,” said Mr. Banda in an interview. He also pointed that the club was a way of improving social interactions among the students outside academic discussions, as well as being a form of entertainment.

One major challenge is the lack of sports facilities in terms of sports grounds; however, the University has agreements with Zamsure Sports complex in McKenzie and the Adult center along Independence Avenue were students occasionally gather for practice.

One might ask who can take part in this sports club. For a start, it is free for all, and as time goes by, academic performance of students will determine who is eligible for whichever sport. Mr. Banda emphasized on the importance of the school drawing up a write up concerning this rule.
Low GPA no sport ☺

by Kambole


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