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Published: 10 July 2019


Yet another day of Impact Ndola with every volunteer dressed in a bright orange t-shirt, posing for a group photo and holding to the oneness of service as they look forward to impacting the people of Ndola. Today’s focus was the Men’s and Women’s conference, where we got to see different people from all walks of life serving and learning from each other. Knowing that no matter how good and adequate one may seem, we all seek help.

The beauty of men coming together to bring about change through the word of God was highlighted by a stronghold of brotherhood that came together as one at the Men’s Conference held at Ndola Baptist Church. “If we believe in God, we must serve to the best of our ability by serving others exceptionally well even when they do not believe or behave as we do. Serve with what you have and not what you wish you had.” were the encouraging words of Pastor Wayne Griswold. In his concluding words, he remarked, “How can you care for a soul of another, when your own soul is in despair. Practice what you preach in every environment you find yourself in.”

 On the other hand, the Women’s Conference was at its peak with praise and worship in session. In their gathering you would see how God’s grace and anointing overflowed as they lifted their voices and hands in adoration to the Lord. The word of God in Psalms 34:5 says “Those who look to God are radiant”. The women later gathered together, encouraging each other to be fearless and bold knowing that they are children of Christ and in him there is no fear. In their mini group meetings, they talked about happiness and how the main source of happiness should God’s love. It was an inspirational and motivating day for many. Indeed, one needs to serve with boldness.

Written by Salifyanji Malunga and Cynthia C. Chipili
Photo credits: Chisha Simpokolwe, Mwelwa Kataya, Nelson Ngoma, Liseli Mushota, Joseph Lusumpa, Taonga Sakala, Chazya Sinkamba, Menson Taala,


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