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Published: 4 March 2016

What has been seen as a small University can be tamed as a diamond in the rough for the Zambian education sector. Northrise University has deliberate policies to improve the standard of graduates, graduates set apart and graduates that can add to the development of Zambia.

According to Martin Luther King Jr true education is that of mind and heart, with our Christ centered approach we are dedicated to building graduates with a strong and positive character to impact the people and the nation at large.

Building a career is not only about the qualification it is about what you can do with what you have learnt. Every learning process is based on coming into contact with information, translating it and practicing what you learn every chance you get. As we build our careers we also have a responsibility to build our community, NU has been building ties with the community through service learning under our student life department. We are committed to building peaceable communities, through the hands of our students with a willing heart to improve the community.
Impact for Zambia and the rest of the world starts with one person, we purposefully empower one student at a time as was the impact of the Gospel which was witnessed from Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

It is no secret that we are a Christ centered University above all; we simply want and are providing world class education at an affordable price for all to enjoy and have a shot at personal success in their journey to fulfillment. We have made ourselves a partner and a conduit for academic success.

Written By: Avinash Mwinga


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