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Published: 9 August 2010

NU Alumni Stephen BandaGood afternoon Dr. Zimba,

How is Northrise University? I am fine and God is working wonders in my life. Really, I have been able to see the hand of God from the time I left Northrise University. I must say the contribution that Northrise has made to my life is so significant. I have to admit that deep down in my heart there were some things, programs and policies I never liked when I first started school there at Northrise. Simply, I could not understand them.

I came to understand them lately, when we were almost finishing, things like work study, the wearing of IDs and intensive classes. In this e-mail they may sound somewhat funny and trivial but I had a problem with them anyway.

After I completed school at Northrise University I got a job which required more responsibilities and a lot of pressure. God was gracious enough for me to find a job upon finishing school.

I am now working for UNITY which is a group of companies comprising of Unity Garments, Unity Distributors, Unity Packages and Tops trading wholesale Shops. I serve as an Information Technology Officer within UNITY Group. The following are the main duties;

•    Software installation
•    Administering windows server 2003
•    Network administration
•    Hardware maintenance
•    Provide administrative and technical support to users
•    Ensuring application packages and other network resources are available to users
•    Trouble shoot computer hardware and software
•    Respond to the needs and questions of users concerning their access on the network system
•    Application development (website development)

Though I am having problems, especially on making animated pictures and text for the website which am currently developing, I know I’ll be able to manage through the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

At first I had a lot of problems administering the server and executing other duties (mostly the new ones) but praise God for Northrise University and for the intensives we had because I have been molded in such a way that I can grasp a lot of information in little time.

Now that am working I am able to see the need of members of staff in having policies which encourage excellence for students. I am one former student who has benefited so much from the Institution’s policies, teaching and moral support.

Another thing that I appreciate is that the institution does not only empower students to acquire Diplomas and/ or Degrees but it does give moral guidance. I have not only become an educated person but a more responsible citizen.

Let me express my heartfelt thanks to you Dr. Zimba for just being so kind, encouraging and eager to see change in most of the students, may God bless you. There have been so many things that have happened to me through Northrise University but I cannot remember them right now.

Lastly I would like to thank all the members of staff (lecturers) for their tireless effort. I know it was not easy for them to teach people with little or no background in computers but they managed to make computer freaks. I would also want God to bless all the partners of Northrise in United States, Australia and from other parts of the world for their spiritual and financial support they render for me.

Stephen Banda


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