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Published: 10 September 2012

Mwelwa Bwali - Northrise University Student
Just a few semesters ago, I was a “newbie” at Northrise University. I remember the excitement that I felt when I received my acceptance letter that confirmed the change from being just a mere high school graduate to a freshman – first year student. Going to university gave a feeling of being “all grown up” and finally being given the opportunity to experience society at its best…

Walking through the doors of the school for the very first time, the welcoming greetings, smiles and hugs from by then, my soon to be new friends and class mates stopped me from feeling like a small fish that had been thrown into the ocean. But a few weeks into it all, after experiencing the fun and pleasure of meeting new people and socializing, it was time to adjust to the pressure of assignments and exams; spending tireless hours during the day and sleepless nights trying to maintain my GPA.

Being a student at northrise is surely an honor. The Christ-centered type of environment and quality education allows you to strike a stable balance between your academics as well as spiritual well-being. Currently I’m in my last semester of my second year and have no regrets of joining the northrise family.


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