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Published: 7 January 2014

We caught up with student Agatha Bwalya, during her rigorous first year in the Northrise’s Bachelor of Laws program, to see how her college experience was going and hear about her dreams.  As you will see from her insightful answers, Agatha has great vision for her own future and for contributing to a changed future for the nation of Zambia. Read below to see how Northrise, and those who contribute to it, are helping Agatha achieve her dream.


NU: Why did you choose to study at Northrise University? What made the University more attractive than other options?

A: Northrise University has the best educational facilities and affordable fees.

NU: What have you found surprising about Northrise or different than your expectations?

A: Everything about this school has gone beyond my expectations. The infrastructure is spectacular and the lecturers are well equipped to impart us with knowledge. The library is well equipped with books and computers. The school farm leaves nothing to be desired in that it has many good farm projects running. The banana plantation impressed me.

NU: In the classroom and interactions with the professors, what have you personally found to be the most valuable part of your experience at Northrise?

A: The teaching standards and mode of teaching is well above par. The class size gives a proper learning environment due to the minimum number [of students] per class policy.

NU: What do you expect to do after graduating from Northrise University?

A: I intend to proceed to Z.I.A.L.E (Zambia Institute for Advanced Legal Education) and specialize in Company Law.

NU: If you weren’t going to Northrise University, what would you be doing?

A: I would have continued working had I not come here. My job was not in line with my overall goal. I had to come [to Northrise] and achieve my dream.

NU: What is your hope for Zambia and how do you see this becoming a reality?

A: I hope to see it develop at a faster rate. The rebasing of our currency is just the beginning. The amending of our constitution is a step in the right direction.

NU: Where do you go for inspiration? Why?

A: My parents are a great source of inspiration to me. They both come from humble backgrounds but have strived to give us the best of everything life has to offer. They have never given up on doing better in all aspects of their lives. To them the sky is the limit.

NU: What are the steps are you taking to see this become a reality?

A: After obtaining my degree, I plan to further my studies and obtain a master’s degree, then later my Ph.D. I see myself making it big in life and being a source of help and inspiration to many. In order to achieve this, I will work so hard and dedicate all my time to my school work.

NU: You have been given financial aid to come to Northrise University. What would you like to say to the people who have donated the money to help?

A: Words alone can’t express how grateful I am. It is indeed a great privilege to have this opportunity that many can only dream of. I take it as my obligation not to waste it and never to take this opportunity for granted.


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