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Published: 1 December 2014

Northrise strives to empower the people of Zambia, one student at a time.  Today we are privileged to share Taonga Tembo’s story:

Taonga Tembo, a 1st year Bachelor of Business Administration student, came to Northrise to attend a school that offered an excellent business program and, most importantly, upholds Christian values and principles. She says her hope for Zambia is that the coming generation would grow with Christ Jesus as the center of their lives. With this in mind, Taonga’s dream is to start an orphanage, teaching the children Christian values and principles to become better citizens of their country. After graduation she also plans to get her MBA in real estate.  The 21-year-old’s desire to please God in all she does leads her to the Bible for inspiration, as well as turning to her family.

In her spare time Taonga enjoys dancing, reading, and attending church programs.

When asked about the type of life she wants to lead, Taonga says, “I want to impact the life of another and make it better than it was before, in one way or another. I want to lead an exemplary life for God, so that when people look at me they are drawn to Christ.” To those who have financially contributed to Taonga’s Northrise experience she says, “thank you for making me joyful and for giving me an opportunity to start living out my dream. Twasanta mwane!” (Thank you in Kaonde)

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