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Published: 20 October 2009


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for everyone. Many studies have found a relationship between eating breakfast and an improved learning experience.  However, you cannot survive throughout the week on breakfast alone. Especially if you are a student and your learning ability, attention span, and general well-being is dependent on a good and nutritious meal in a day. For most students here at Northrise, lunch will be the most important meal of their day and Northrise strives to provide at least that meal, lunch, for its students and staff.

Thank You Give 5

Since 2006, Northrise has been providing its students with lunch at a minimal fee of about 10 to 22 cents per meal. At that price you may wonder just what kind of meal you can get, and if it could be palatable.

The menu varies each week and ranges from fries, sausage and a vegetable salad one day, to nshima (staple food, also referred to as pap) with chicken (sometimes supplied by Northrise Farms) and a vegetable such as cabbage, on another day; or rice, a steak and a vegetable salad on the next day. On average, such meals would cost from about US$3.25 to US$6.49 at a regular restaurant in Zambia. For the typical student here at Northrise, that kind of money could be better spent  on “priority” needs such as bus fare to and from school, exercise books, or even for at least two meals for the family at home. This clearly indicates that the daily meal at Northrise is not just a privilege but also a necessity for the students to fully experience a happy and enjoyable university life.

Students have expressed happiness and delight to find a good meal at such a price. It goes without saying that such a meal would not be possible had it not been for the generosity of the Northrise sponsors who continue to give and feed us. Thank you is not enough to express the gratitude felt towards your bigheartedness. May God bless you and provide for you where you lack. Thank you – Give Me 5!

By Banji Simasiku


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