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Published: 23 December 2010


Someone once said, “When all is said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it.” Northrise University is set firmly on the road to success. And how are we getting there? By empowering the people of Zambia, one student at a time, as the motto so gracefully puts it.

This journey down the road of success involves careful planning. Planning that has gone into the inception of a Master Plan, completed in 2007, set in motion efforts to begin the development of new main campus. Currently in progress is the construction of a new Road Network that will connect the campus to the outside world and allow vehicle access to all major areas of the land. It is a major undertaking! Kuhula House, the Student Dorms (which is already accessible by road), the Health Center – NUCare – and the construction site for upcoming Staff Housing are the primary areas that the road network will allow quick and convenient access to.

The Zambia National Service’s land development unit was contracted for the job simply because of their track record and affordability. The three stage construction process includes compacting, the application of lactrite and finally, rolling. The result is a good quality road that will meet the heavy demands of students being transported to and from Kuhula House for their lectures next term as well as transportation to the Student Dorms. We pray that the delays caused by non-availability of Zambia National Service equipment will be minimal to help complete the project before the next academic year.

Mr. Hamoonga, the Northrise University Business Manager, is optimistically looking forward to the completion of the road network. He describes the network as being extremely key in the development of the Northrise University land. “Without the road network, it would be extremely difficult to accomplish construction works as during the rainy season, certain areas of the campus become inaccessible.” Well put and rightly so, we all look forward to the completion of this new project!

by Jayant Raj


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