Week 5 at Northrise!

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Published: 25 February 2011

If Northrise University were in the business of selling pain-killers, the commodity would probably be out of stock by now. You see, it’s now week 5 in the school calendar. That translates to groggy, sleep-deprived faces floating around the Northrise halls, a fully packed (but eerily silent) library of students desperately trying to stuff their brains, and people feverishly tapping away at their lab workstations.  Carrim Banda (Systems Administrator) would probably confirm that he has never seen so many hits on Educational websites by our student body. And Facebook would probably complain of the reverse

It’s week 5 in the school calendar and everyone has mid-term exams next week!!!

Aaah! The school right now is a sight that would warm the heart of any devoted lecturer.


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