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Published: 19 January 2010


Isn’t it wonderful to see how God works? But before I share one of my favourite gifts (going to the USC with Dr. Zimba) of the Christmas season…a little background.

My husband Drew and I (we are USC alumni, as are many Northrise University supporters) thought wouldn’t it be great if USC and Northrise University could some how get connected – but wasn’t sure how that looked. Sometimes the best place to start is the top. So, Drew contacted Steve Sample, the president of USC, who in turn connected Drew to Adam Clayton Powell, vice provost of globalization. An appointment was set 10 days before Chritmas.

Arriving at USC before 9:00am for our appointment was a delightful treat. The campus was quiet (it was finals week) the early morning sun was just hitting the tips of the trees and collegiate brick buildings. I couldn’t help but think how 30 years had passed so quickly since I was a student here. And what a privilege it was now to be back on campus on this appointment with Dr. Zimba, president of Northrise University at my alma mater.

USC’s Office of Globalization works with all of the university schools to support and strengthen their effort to create international academics and research partnerships as well as opportunity for students to learn outside USC. Right now, they are very interested in getting more involved in Africa. Powell’s background includes being a consultant on projects in South Africa and has visited Zambia.

As the meeting concluded Mr. Powell told Dr. Zimba when he returned in March that he should contact some of the university schools: business, religion and communication.

The three of us came out of the meeting hopeful and grateful. Oh and of course, to complete the visit Dr. Zimba has his picture taken in front of Tommy Trojan! Fight On!

By Linda Lawler


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