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Published: 9 June 2009



Producing good graduates is not only owed to academics, responsible members of faculty or excellent lecturers. Rather, there are other contributing factors such as determination, perseverance and a healthy clean environment.

Speaking of the environment, Northrise University students are involved in keeping their learning environment clean and conducive for studies. At a specified time, students on Financial Aid clean their allocated portion of the surroundings. This is known as work-study. It is a way of showing appreciation to the school for the financial aid that has been granted to the student.Work-study does not only help a student manage their fees but also helps the student to be more focused on their studies as it enables them stay in school.

Having noted this, I encourage my fellow students to keep on doing their work study faithfully and also remember that they are not only being taught to be useful in society by maintaining their surroundings but they are, in a way, positively contributing to their overall grade (a clean healthy environment is also stimulating), while also saying thank you to Northrise and sponsors.

By Chibozu N. Maambo


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