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Published: 12 June 2015

Over lunch, right after the official opening of the Northrise University Solwezi Campus, Dr. Kevin Jackson -Vice President of Student Life at Baylor University – teasingly asked me whether part of the admission requirements into Northrise University is being able to sing. My initial reaction was, “What??!” as I didn’t quite get it. Then he went on to say, “It seems like every student at Northrise sings”. That is an interesting observation; I thought! We laughed it off as I suggested that perhaps we should do auditions as part of the entry requirements to ensure that we have a 100% singing student body.

While I know for a fact that not every student sings, I must admit that those that sing do so melodiously beautiful. And amazingly, the nursing students at the Solwezi Campus are equally talented. Here is a song some of the nursing students sang to say “Thank You Lord”. And yes!!, thank you Lord for the many blessings that will flow out of the newly opened Nursing School at the Northrise University Solwezi Campus… and thank you Lord for what you continue to do for Northrise!

Thanks! from northrise on Vimeo.


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