“You Never Go Wrong By Doing The Right Thing.” –Scott Kelby

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Published: 21 July 2009

“You never go wrong by doing the right thing.”
Scott Kelby’s personal philosophy from his web site

When this is your personal philosophy it should not be surprising that an accomplished editor, author, speaker, training guru and all-around quality guy came through in the nick of time to help the students at Northrise University in Ndola, Zambia, half way around the world from his home in Florida.

As soon as Kathy Siler (Scott’s assistant) heard about what our five-person volunteer media team was trying to accomplish as we embarked on our trip to Africa, she and Scott were quick to action.  In less than 24 hours, Kelby Training provided a generous number of books and DVD-based training programs to support the students of Northrise.  We’re talking about the nice stuff, the best-selling digital photography books, along with DVD’s to guide the group through Light Room, Illustrator, Photoshop and more.

Kelby Training cared enough to go the extra mile to help out underprivileged kids in Africa by giving the gift of learning. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Our appreciation goes out to Scott Kelby, Kathy Siler and all of the folks at Kelby Training for going the extra mile, its true what Scott says, “You never go wrong by doing the right thing.”  We agree, and so do the students at Northrise University who now can learn for themselves the art of photography, video, and the power of internet media as they work hard every day to better themselves and help their country.

After being to Zambia, we wish everyone could make the trip. The people are amazing. Their passion for God, humbling. The ambition and optimism, inspiring. While it is our absolute privilege to be among the students, we are reminded that making an impact does not require a 24 hour plane trip.

Thank you, Kelby Training, for being so gracious in your giving.



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