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Published: 15 March 2022

Northrise University Youths celebrated the 2022 National Youth Day in a generous style. NU students decided to make a positive change by giving to two community schools within Ndola; Mackenzie Community School and Mapalo Morning Glow Academy.

A week before the event, the Student Council called for cash and in-kind donations from the NU Community. Through the campaign, they raised funds and substantial items for the cause. Funds raised were used to purchase food and other stuff like cleaning materials and school supplies to supplement clothes, shoes, and other donated items.

On Friday, 11th March 2022, a group of students – selected as representatives – visited the two schools and made donations. Being one of the reps, I had a great time with the kids at both schools. We sang songs, played games, and did jumping jacks together. The most rewarding part for us was to learn a new game and song from the joyful kids.

I believe that youths must be responsible towards families, society, and the nation. Experiencing the smiles, laughter, and excitement on the kids’ faces made the trip all worthwhile. It left me feeling like I had fulfilled my duty as a youth. I was so glad I could spread happiness and I believe as youths, we must serve and make a positive impact in our nation.

As we bade farewell, the kids sang to us, making the end of our gesture even more memorable. Is there an achievement in life greater than serving others? Or perhaps better than bringing happiness to those around us? We were not the center of our day but the children of Mapalo and McKenzie, and this was by far the best way to celebrate being a youth.


Written by Geraldine Phiri and Melissa Mwala


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