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Published: 22 June 2020

Ethel Zulu

Bachelor of Laws

We are honored to introduce you to Ethel Zulu, the Valedictorian for the Class of 2020. When Ethel reflects of her four years at Northrise, she is thankful for God’s goodness and grace. She feels undeserving of the many blessings she has experienced. Ethel is grateful for the relationships she has built while studying at Northrise and earning her Bachelor of Laws degree.


Participating in Impact Ndola in 2017 and 2019 changed Ethel’s perspective on community and service. Ethel explains stating, “Northrise University is not just a place to get an education, it is a place that takes a holistic approach to improve the individual. It doesn’t only prepare you for your career, it prepares you for life.”


 Excited and prepared to begin a new chapter, Ethel’s time at Northrise contributed to her spiritual growth. Her perspective on work has changed, now seeing work as an opportunity to serve the Lord. Having developed an interest in juvenile delinquency, she would like to help children emotionally, spiritually, and legally. Ethel strongly believes that the future of the county is in the hands of the youth. Therefore, she plans to use her education to help vulnerable children receive better opportunities to contribute to the future of Zambia. Ethel’s academic journey is far from over. She will be taking courses over the next nine months to prepare for the Bar Exam.

Ethel is enthusiastic about the bright future that lays before her. However, she states that it is bittersweet to realize her Northrise journey has come to an end. She is thankful to God for the blessing of an incredible university in Zambia, especially for the faculty members of Northrise University who saw something special in her and poured into her life.


Ethel is humbled and grateful in having earned the honor of Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. Northrise University provided her a firm foundation on which to build her future. Ethel says, “Looking back to 2016, the whole process has reflected the goodness of God.”

To the friends of Northrise University, Ethel says, “God bless you, and may he continue to replenish you as you continue to help other students as you have me.” Today we can honor Ethel’s hard work and dedication by investing in the future through the ONE STUDENT Scholarship Program.

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