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Published: 20 December 2021

Life after attending Northrise University 15 years ago can only be described as captivating, energetic, and miraculous. I landed my first job a year after graduating at a pioneer Internet Service Provider in Zambia where I worked for almost 4 years as a Customer Support Specialist. I thereafter got an opportunity to work for Barclays PLC in Zambia that later changed to Absa Bank another blue-chip bank and served the bank faithfully for 10 years with responsibilities such as a Server Administrator, ATM Engineer, IT Business Partner, and Risk Officer. With enough exposure to banking and financial services, I jumped ship and wanted to try something new, and indeed I got an offer 5 months ago to lead a unit in Risk and Compliance at one of the fast-growing reinsurance companies that recently launched in Zambia; Klapton Reinsurance Limited. The Lord has been amazing, trust me.

The Diploma I obtained at Northrise University in Information Systems, gave me more opportunities to study in other places. I went further to obtain an Advanced Diploma with the British Computer Society and later obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computing with the University of Greenwich and graduated with a distinction. I recently completed a skill development certificate with the University of Cape Town, all this point to the beginning, and can countless see how the Lord has been gracious along the way. Truest tribute to Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba, their parental atmosphere has positively impacted tertiary education in Zambia far and wide.

I am a family man with one wife and 4 children. Again, thank you to Northrise that taught me the value of family from my university days, I am working very hard to ensure our children attain the best education by any fair measure. I am also an ardent supporter of afforestation to address the current issues of climate change by participating in tree planting events whenever time allows.

We recently opened the NU Lusaka Chapter, and I was entrusted to be a part of the team of men and women as Vice-Chairperson where we are working round the clock to mobilize resources to support the financial needs of vulnerable students at the main campus. Through various engagements with cooperating partners and the corporate world, we stand ready to continue putting NU on the world map. With the support of the Northrise University administration, I have no doubt again that even on this one we will win and win big. No doubt my life has been involved with the right sets of mind. .


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