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Published: 14 March 2018

Bernadette, a recent Northrise graduate, is extremely thankful for her experience at Northrise. She found her instructors to be encouraging and knowledgeable, always communicating to her that “the sky is the limit.” She feels equipped to now face the business world. She is looking forward to continuing her education in the near future and desires to begin her own fashion line.

Despite facing major challenges while at Northrise, she remained dedicated to her studies and persevered until she reached her goal. She states that Northrise facilitated personal growth, as she is now more responsible, honest, accountable, and confident. She wishes her late father could be here to see the young business woman she has become.

She has high hopes for the future of Zambia and recognizes that change begins when the youth of the nation feel empowered. “I hope to see Zambia become one of the most powerful business countries in the world and to see youth become empowered by the government because many youths have been neglected. I see my education making these hopes a reality because as a graduate I will be able to bring about innovative ideas and business strategy plans that can empower the youths.”


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