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Published: 11 September 2018

Capital Campaign Phase II – New Dorm is Top Priority.

The need for additional on campus student housing is critical resulting from:

  1. Increased marketing and student recruitment
  2. Launch of the new Bachelor of Science in Nursing program
  3. The future introduction of the new schools of agriculture and engineering
  4. The current dormitory is at capacity

Consequently, the Board of Regents has approved the construction of a dormitory pending necessary funding commitments:

With the expected enrollment growth, driven primarily by the Nursing School and lack of availability in our existing dormitory (we are at full capacity today-72 students), it is clear the construction of a new dormitory is our first priority. Our immediate capital fundraising activities need to be focused on raising $1.7M to construct the new dormitory. The new two story dorm will house 132 students and follow the general design of the Campus Center. We are in the final development phase of the design with our architect and expect we will complete the design in September. The new dorm will be the first of four dormitories to be built on the campus in the next 7-8 years.

The new dormitory will increase total residency capacity to over 200 students and expand student recruiting opportunities from regional to national. Additionally, this construction continues the necessary investment in campus infrastructure to maintain Northrise University’s status as one of the premier private higher education institutions in Zambia.


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