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Published: 22 July 2009



These days, every 3 days in a week, first year students have tutorials in the Algebra, MAT101, course. This was after the Northrise business faculty had proposed tutorials essentially for those students who appeared to be lacking in the course after the mid term examination. All interested students can attend these tutorials because they are aimed at giving students a broader understanding of the course.

At Northrise University, you are not here to fail but to excel, therefore if you have any difficulties in any course whatsoever; lecturers are ready to render their services. These tutorials are carried out every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons after class hours and are conducted by Mr. R. Mpala, Mr. G Mpala, and Mr. L. Ngulube.

So far, a good number of students have shown interest in the tutorials, which have been going well. The tutorials will run until the end of the term and hopefully everyone will pass the course and not have to re-take it. Northrise University, “Being Excellent At What Is Good.”

by Andrew


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