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Published: 30 September 2010



We have just gone four weeks into the third term and the improvements made to the school environs and the facilities are already looking promising! Well, there have been quite a number of changes over the holidays but what I find to be most intriguing is the introduction of an Internet Cafè at Northrise University Campus.

What really makes this Internet Cafè a masterpiece is that it was setup and configured by two IT students from Northrise University, Enock and Raban, 2nd and 3rd year respectively, under the guidance of Mr. Isaac Banda and Mr. Lusuntha Ngulube. It took them three weeks to complete the work and test all the software and hardware for consistency and security. The Cafè was finally opened last week! So far, the entire student body has not only appreciated the environment, but also the fast connection speed on offer. I’m optimistic that the Cafè will attract a larger number of surfers considering the fact that it is half the price (per minute) compared to other Cafès outside Northrise.

This is an awesome development for the students who have come to learn how difficult it is to find fast internet connectivity at an affordable rate. Many Cafès will usually offer half the NU bandwidth for twice the NU price.

By Enock Misebo


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