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Published: 17 July 2015

A bittersweet truth about Impact Ndola is that by Thursday we’ve found our stride in our week of service,  just at the moment we realize we have to say good-bye.  Tomorrow is the conclusion of the work-portion of Impact Ndola, though the experience continues through the weekend with different kinds of transformational experiences. We will continue to highlight the individual ministry projects throughout the weekend but today we have an overview of some highlights:

Dr. Parkins gives a patient a dental checkup

Dr. Parkins gives a patient a dental checkup

NUCare clinic is bustling with patients.  Doctors and nurses are seeing patient after patient providing dental work, general checkups, and other care.

Day Four (2)

The students at Makenzie show off their brand new shoes and party hats. What a fun day!

Makenzie School had a couple of fun events today — first there was a gift of shoes given to the 345 children of the school.  Strong black leather shoes called “Toughies” from the local shoe store as well as uniform socks.  David & Kim Conway rallied their family and friends from Tallowood Baptist Church to provide this gift in response to a burden God placed on their hearts during Impact Ndola 2013.  Today was the Director’s birthday so the volunteers led the kids to give her a birthday celebration, complete with birthday hats!

Mapalo Build team has been sharing the gospel through daily devotions all week saw 11 men commit their lives to Christ this morning!  Tomorrow they complete the church building with a dedication service in the evening.

Day four (4)

The Mapalo church building, almost complete.

All of our teams shared the love of God through worship, word, and work.  If you are reading these updates daily please pray, as we conclude our work, for all of those who are experiencing life transformation through this amazing week.  Pray for good good-byes tomorrow, farewells that include a blessing and a continued connection through Northrise University.  The beautiful part of Impact Ndola is that, though we must say good-bye, we are confident that the ministry continues through Northrise University’s relationships with these schools, neighbors, and churches. “We are Northrise”  is more than the theme of our week of service, it is a statement that tells the community of Ndola that they are loved by this Christ-centered university in their city and those people are still here to minister to them and introduce them to God’s love as He continues the transforming work we participated in this week.


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