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Published: 23 April 2020

Taonga Tembo Ndlovhu is a Northrise University Business Administration Graduate. She came to Northrise to attend a University that offers an excellent business program and, most importantly, upholds Christian values and principles.

She says, “one of the biggest decisions I faced as a young person out of high school, was deciding what to pursue as my career. The next important decision was which institution I would attend that would be able to offer an environment that challenged me to think outside the box; a university that cared for more than just the knowledge I received, but also for my Spiritual and emotional well-being. I wanted an education that would prepare me for real world challenges and aimed to produce a community influencer and transformer. I wanted a place that rewarded excellence and provided means to assist me through financial challenges. NORTHRISE UNIVERSITY DID THAT FOR ME!”

The path to a progressive and ethical career definitely starts with the right University.


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