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Published: 2 December 2009



The eleventh week is traditionally known as “Presentation Week” at Northrise University. In this week, all students get a chance to be in their lecturer’s shoes. It is not uncommon to see students looking extra smart and business-like. Northrise University incorporates a presentation program that aims at preparing students for presentations and general interactions in the corporate industry.

Each student is allocated a group which is assigned a topic in the first week of the term. The given topic is well researched for 11 weeks and presented based on the Course’s requirements. The class, lecturers, staff and any invited guests make the audience as each person in the group delivers their presentation. Each presenter commands at least 5 minutes of everyone’s attention until every group member has had a chance. The audience is then given an opportunity to fire some questions or seek clarification on the presented material.

This term’s presentations have been particularly interesting. More students have show an improvement in  their delivery as well as research skills. Presentation Week kicked off with the 3rd year Bachelor of Business Administration class giving presentations in the Innovation and Enterprise course. In their assignment, they were hypothetical entrepreneurs who had started up a company of their choice with a K10 million (about USD$ 2173.80) budget. They had to present their business proposal and budget. Four guests were invited; all of whom generally attested to how interesting and highly professional the presenters were.

The next presentation I attended was by the 2nd year Bachelor of Information Technology morning class, in the Multimedia Publishing course. Being in my first year, I was personally amazed and inspired by how interesting and creative their presentations were, which is basically what their course was about. It made me look forward to the time I would be in my 2rd year and doing that course.

Later, that evening, I was part of a presentation in the Business Law course being taken by my class, 1st years. Of course, legal analysis takes a great deal of mastering and perfecting, but I would claim that there are a good number of legal analysts at Northrise that can handle common Torts in the city of Ndola! Legally speaking, the presentations that we had this week are a precedent for future presentations yet to come.

In the days that followed, my class had more presentations in Organizational Behavior and Business Finance. And for the 3rd years, Database Management Systems.

by Enock Misebo


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