Northrise tells the Story to Chiwala: “Not Afraid to Tell Our Story”

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Published: 7 August 2009



A team of 3 members of staff and 5 students from Northrise University visited a secondary school located in the outskirts of Ndola. The school is called Chiwala Boys Technical High School and is a single sex school. When the Northrise University team got there, the secondary schools’ members of staff who had been expecting them welcomed them. Preparations to give the twelfth grade a talk were already underway. Sooner than later everything in the school hall was ready.

The twelfth graders sat anxiously waiting to hear what the Northrise University team had for them. The first speaker was Mrs. Alice Simutowe, the registrar of Northrise and also a Northrise University graduate. She talked about the founders of Northrise, Dr. and Mrs. Zimba, and how the institution came into existence. She also briefly presented their background and the challenges they had faced in order to realize their dream. Secondly, Miss. Rabecca Nguni, the personal assistant to the Zimba’s, talked about the courses Northrise offers and qualifications that are required to become a Northrise student. As the pupils continued to listen attentively, Mr. Banda, the Northrise University systems administrator, and also a Northrise graduate presented on the University’s infrastructure and facilities. Aided by a PowerPoint presentation, the presenters made it easier for the pupils to envision Northrise.

The Chiwala pupils were as well very keen to listen further to the experiences of two Northrise University students. Kambole Kabwe, a 2nd year student studying Business Administration and Chibozu Maambo, a 1st year student studying Information Technology. This gave the audience an insight on what it really means to be a Northrise student. The Chiwala pupils were also given the chance to ask questions, which the team in turn responded to.

After the presentation, some of the Chiwala pupils shared what they now thought about Northrise with the team. They expressed how they felt encouraged to work harder academically so that in future, they can be part of a very reputable institution. Apart from this they also acknowledged that being a Northrise student is really being a quality student. The Chiwala students were additionally excited about the infrastructure they had seen on the PowerPoint slides.

When it was time to leave the Chiwala members of staff took time to thank the Northrise University team for having visited their school and encouraged them to visit again soon. This was the second visit the team had made since the beginning of this year. The first visit was made in the beginning for the first term to Nsansa High School and was also deemed successful. The team is yet to tell the story to more secondary and high schools throughout Ndola and possibly even other districts. “We are not afraid to tell the story of Northrise University to others so that they too may share in it,” declares a member of this team.

by Chibozu


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