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Published: 2 July 2009


Northrise University Banana Treat

We have followed with interest the progress of work on the land. The dedication of work, care, and devotion that has gone into this project so far has been phenomenal. Everyone has heard numerous reports of how well the chickens and bananas are coming along. We have seen pictures of this, read, and heard animated tales from various people; Undeniably foremost from Dr. Zimba. The completion of the student’s dormitories was an important milestone and the students now living on ‘The Land’ have been witnessing firsthand the impressive progress.

So after constantly hearing reports, students and staff finally got a taste (literally) of The Land’s produce. A collective of approval swept the dining hall after the food was blessed and lunch revealed, served alongside the meal a pair of plump, mouth-watering bananas. If the ruminating jaws were anything to go by, we were all incredibly glad The Land is so successful. It is really an incredible thing that what began as a mare project has today began to supplement to our diet. Both students and members of staff are actually being fed but what we have only been hearing of by word of mouth, as a project, today it is a reality.  Northrise University- being excellent at what is good.

By Kanyanta


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