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Published: 24 September 2010



As a way of letting you into some of the students lives, here is a story of Robinson Kachungu, a third year student of Northrise University studying for his Bachelor of Business Administration. Robinson’s background is one of hardship, extraordinary determination, and undying hope. He recounts the painful story of how his family was split up after his father’s death. Little did the seven-year-old boy know that those sorrowful days he spends with his family were the last he ever saw of his parents.

His journey began with the move from the National capital to Zambezi, his father’s village deep in the Northwestern province of Zambia along the banks of the great Zambezi River. “I was too young to tell the difference between urban and rural, so everything seemed OK” he says. He had a privilege to enter school as a grade one pupil courtesy of his grandfather. However, education from grade five upwards required fees that his grandfather was simply unable to pay. Robinson was forced to stop school. The next three years were filled with ceaseless toil. In the hope of raising money for his education, the twelve-year child started to herd cattle. He braved the violently heavy rainfall native to the region and escaped more than one life threatening experience.

Robinson had little and very often, he simply went without. He generally went about barefoot from ’91 till ’98. He owned only one blanket during this time and it doubled as a mattress when a reed mat or cowhide was unavailable. With no electricity and no cell-phones, Robinson had no communication with his mother and his sisters. He says this was the hardest thing.

After three years as a cowherd, Robinson started school when a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) started providing funding. His good performance enabled him top his class in the final seventh grade exam. God again saw him through when another NGO sponsored him into secondary school.

In 2006 he wrote his grade 12 final exams and did very well by any standards. In May of the same year, he met a good Samaritan to who sacrificed to sponsor him into college. This was his only chance to see his mother and siblings after such a long time, so he chose to return to Ndola on the Copperbelt province. Sadly, he was hit by the news that his mother had passed away 3 years back. This was what he describes as a melting moment, to have lost a parent without know for years. However, Robinson found strength in God and decided to apply at Northrise. He admitted in 2008.

Being at Northrise has been a wonderful blessing as I have been able to learn so much; intellectually, morally, and spiritually.  And most importantly,  the financial support that I receive from Northrise under the financial Aid program has made a significant impact on my educational journey.

Robinson looks forward to being fully equipped and be able to empower the nation, the continent, and the world at large. His principle is based on II Timothy 3:16-17. Northrise University certainly offers a door to a very bright future for every student

by Brian Chipasha


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