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Academic and Campus Development

Laying the foundation for the next season in the life of Northrise University

The Board of Regents with Dr. Zimba and his leadership team have developed a path forward to meet increasing demands on NU’s academic program, and have also prepared near-term lists of capital programs to keep us on track with the milestones in our campus Master Plan. You can partner with Northrise to support what’s next in the development of Northrise University.

School of Engineering, Academic Development Opportunities

Northrise University is being challenged by the HEA to increase the number of Ph.D. faculty members and to increase the amount of research we are publishing. Northrise needs to recruit PhDs and support a number of our faculty in pursuing their PhDs. The HEA is also requiring upgrades in our library and those needs have been met by an online library to which we have subscribed. Northrise University will increase its bandwidth and has significantly enhanced NU’s online offering and operation through the purchase of a number of updated online software programs. The Northrise University Online Study program has the potential to be a “difference-maker for Northrise in Zambia and throughout sub–Saharan Africa. These new additions have increased our annual operating budget by $125K. Please consider supporting these new academic programs as we move to meet new HEA requirements and grow NU’s academic offering.

With new construction there are campus infrastructure needs as we build out the campus and increase the demand on security and maintenance. The next capital project to be funded is a Security and Maintenance Building ($200K) and Campus Security Fence ($240K). Additionally, to meet Zambia's need for leadership across sectors, we must continue to diversify our course offerings, and our next focus is the development of the School of Engineering.

See the Campus Expansion Master Plan

School of Engineering

Our School of Engineering will provide degree programs to educate and develop the future of engineers of Zambia to serve the growing needs of the Zambian government in building roads/bridges and power infrastructure, and to provide qualified engineers for mining, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Please pray with us and consider joining our endeavor to build our new schools. We are beyond grateful to our supporters who have generously contributed over the years and welcome the opportunity for new friends to join our partners in making a difference in the lives of many young women and men in Zambia.

To consider a partnership with the School of Engineering, email its Development Committee Chair, Joe Aikins at Or, you may donate now.


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