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The Northrise University Initiative (NUI) exists as the North American development and fundraising organization for Northrise University, supporting and communicating the vision and mission of NU, for the purpose of accelerating growth and providing opportunities for students and faculty. Such expansion is not an end unto itself. Rather, growing is part of our overall vision and mission to transform Zambia and beyond, one person at a time.

Northrise directly addresses key issues that will advance Zambia to become a beacon of hope, stability, and prosperity in Africa. In the midst of limited economic opportunity, vast economic disparity, and brain drain, Northrise University provides an affordable, high quality education that empowers students and graduates to create and participate in a broader economy, with an expanding middle class, as entrepreneurs, managers, and government leaders. Thus, NU is making a difference in the lives of Zambian students, who are, in turn, changing Zambia into a model of economic progress for the rest of Africa.

To these ends, NUI creates opportunities and involvement through our Scholarship Fund, Capital Campaigns, and Partnerships. Learn more about how you can get involved by connecting with us.


Your Northrise story begins with your application, and we can help with the rest.