One Student Scholarship Program

The One Student Scholarship Program allows you to underwrite the entire cost of attending Northrise for one student for one year, thus helping to bring hope to the future of Zambia.

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One Student Scholarship Program

ONE STUDENT attends Northrise University because of your generous giving. ONE STUDENT is provided a quality education in a Christ-centered environment. ONE STUDENT is empowered to transform a nation. ONE STUDENT will never forget that you gave 100% of One Student Scholarship contributions, which go directly to benefit Northrise students.

The One Student Scholarship Program provides financial support for students to receive a high-quality, Christ-centered education. With your investment of $3,600 per year, you can provide one student with full tuition, lodging, and meals. Or, at $2,400 per year, you can cover a student’s tuition alone.

By your generosity, you can help give students the opportunity to bring hope to the future of Zambia. In order for our students to become scholarship recipients, they must maintain a good GPA, faithfully attend class and chapel, participate in work study assignments, serve their community through service learning activities, and observe the code of conduct.

Here are a few inspirational stories of students who have received hope and whose lives have been transformed as a result of the sacrificial and generous support of our partners.

Success Stories


Ntanzi grew up in Luanshya and is the second born in a family of four. Born to entrepreneurs who run a small company that deals in general supplying and construction, he plans to take the family business to new heights using his degree in Finance and Accounting from Northrise. He has seen first-hand the value of entrepreneurship and would like to foster entrepreneurship in future generations. “I hope to see Zambian youth being empowered more through job creation and entrepreneurship programs which in turn will see Zambia progress economically as a country. I want to help by starting up and managing entrepreneurship programs that will empower Zambian youths economically.”

Not only is Northrise making a huge impact in Ntanzi’s academic life, it is also making a huge difference in his personal and spiritual life as well. He is learning and growing from attending Chapel and Bible study regularly, as well as through Young Life, which is being run by a Northrise graduate. He is also gaining self-confidence and is practicing valuable skills, such as public speaking.


Next Step

Yes!  I'd like to invest in ONE STUDENT and help transform Zambia one person at a time!